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The stories we tell are designed around you. We create the messages, stats and campaigns that engage, convince and reassure across your key stakeholder groups. From simple impact assessments to full corporate reports – we’ll create the messages that enable people to understand the full value of all that you do.

Making it matter more

Personality, charm and resonance. Three things that make a good story. We like to craft a compelling, authentic narrative that connects with your audience and draws them to your brand. We find out what matters most to you, and those closest to you, before using your story to develop the relationship between you, your community and your customers.

Talk to us about:

  • reports that tell your story with passion and integrity
  • press and marketing campaigns that draw your audience to you
  • engaging videos that bring your story to the screen
  • common conversations that get you and your neighbours talking
  • impact assessments that put a number on what you do
  • eye-catching infographics that resonate with your audience

Future Proof CIC played an invaluable role in the expansion plans of Sussex Cricket in the Community. They have a very strong understanding of the concept of CSR, and the role that sport can play in tackling social agendas.

Tim Shutt, Head of Sussex Cricket in the Community

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